District Grant

District Grant

Application and Guidance

  The  FY2017 District Grant Guidance Document and Application Rules are now available.In this document, applicants will find information about the district grant program (large and small projects), eligibility information (eligible applicants, projects, costs), funding targets (materials); requirements and obligations, application process,  and more.  This guidance document may be viewed electronically, downloaded from this website and you may contact us to receive a copy in the mail.

 FY2017 District Grant Guidance Document and Application Rules :  You will find all forms and information to assist you in completing your application in this document.  Please note:

The Diversion Projection Worksheet is designed to help applicants develop a more realistic figure for predicted diversion and used by the Advisory Committee as criteria and scoring grant applications.
Be sure to initial the Application Checklist and enter the page number of the content.  This will help ensure you have included the necessary components for the application.
Failure to submit required items will result in point deductions.
An actual signature is needed on your submission.

Click on link below to download a copy of the 2017 Guidance Document

Once you’ve completed the document, print and sign. If you have Any questions feel free to give Us a call : 417-893-1238 or Emails Us : bgeorge@wcamerica.com


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